Reflection of the Genesis of the poem ‘Addict’

There is a quilt I made on the armchair in our bedroom awaiting a new home as we have just moved house. It caught my eye when I was thinking about this poetry assignment. Quilting and sewing have been lifelong hobbies of mine, starting in a year seven home economics class when I was given paper hexagons and scraps of 1970’s bright hued cottons. I find the visual and textural qualities of fabric as inspiring and absorbing as the sound and shape of words.

I chose the title ‘Addict‘ as that is what I am; I lose myself in a fabric store. This was queried during workshopping, as it has negative connotations. ‘Obsession’ was suggested. However, on reflection, I kept the title as it has allowed me to work on the imagery in succeeding drafts, utilising words associated with addiction, ‘stimulate, intoxicate, drunk, and needle’ expand this theme.

The form I have adopted is free verse, however I have used alliteration and assonance  as well as caesuras and enjambment to pace the poem. The lines are long and enjambed to slow the reader. Sewing by hand is a slow process and begets patience.

There is no rhyme pattern apart from the final line in each stanza.  These three words have been chosen to emphasise the similarities between addiction and my need to create. I have centered the poem as quilts have patterns and balance. It also highlights that rhyme, which is at the heart of the poem’s meaning.

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