The Spiers Centre

This is a new departure for me, writing about a charity. My reason for doing this is to help raise awareness. I look at some of the issues facing our communities and wonder what I can do to help. Homelessness, domestic violence and poverty affect many and the issues seem so large. What can one person do?

When I look at my particular skill-set, I feel that the best way I can help is by writing about what these fantastic groups are doing and what we can do to help. We need government to act on the big ticket items like adequate amounts of affordable social housing, but in the meantime, we as individuals can really make a difference.

Last week my husband Simon, came home from dropping off some donated doonas to the Spiers Centre. He had had a chat with Leanne, Joy and Wendy to see what they needed. They needed bags to put bedtime bundles in for children. These bundles contain pyjamas, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a toy and a book.

Recently the ladies have been handing out these precious gifts in plastic bags as they had no cloth ones. I asked Simon how many they needed. 200 was the answer. I made some bags – fifty-three in fact. I had fabric for twenty but then Simon arrived home with a donation from another organisation, ‘No Limits’, 13 metres of curtain fabric that made the rest. It took a while but I had some spare time. I’m not writing this to grandstand myself. I enjoyed having something that I could do to help.

I am a bit bagged out now though!

Simon took me down to the Spiers Centre in Heathridge to deliver the bags. I met Leanne, Joy and Wendy. Leanne showed me the piles of donated things ready to go into the bags. I asked her how many bags they give out a year. The tragic answer, ‘300’.

That’s 300 children just in my local area in need. There are probably far more. I looked at their website and found this from a Mum,

‘Over the past 18 months, I’ve been lucky enough to receive food hampers and financial counselling. Without the help, my kids would not have eaten and we wouldn’t have a place to call home.  Thank you so very much.’ 

When I think back over my time as a Mum, I realise how fortunate I was to have everything I needed to keep my children safe, warm and fed.

I know that many of you have your personal charities that you support. If you would be interested in looking at what this amazing not- for -profit organisation is doing, I have attached the link http://The Spiers Centre inc

They offer financial counselling and emergency relief to anyone in crisis or financial difficulty. They used to be called Granny Spiers but changed the name in the hopes that they could reach all demographics of the community, not only women and children.

If you love to knit or crochet but have run out of people to make things for, consider making a blanket or toy for a child. If you have good quality second hand seasonal children’s clothing or sheets and towels that you are going to throw out, think about the Spiers Centre. If you would like to make cloth bags, I made a pattern that I can send you, just contact me if you would like that. We can all spread the word and together, small individual efforts combined make a big difference.

If you have got to the end of this piece, thank you for reading.

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